It was a busy February at LPMS!!!  We celebrated “Friendship Day” and “Chinese New Year”.  We baked cupcakes on Friendship Day and decorated them with icing and sprinkles. Our month ended with “Pink Shirt Day” – it was wonderful to see our children dressed in pink and hear conversations in the classrooms on ‘making nice, being kind and so much more! 
There was much more that went on in February including:
We learned about land/water and continents/oceans.  Our children discussed Earth, the planet we live in and broke it down into continent, country, province and home.
Did you know that  Asia is the largest continent and Australia, the smallest?
There was a discussion on parts of the tree – roots, trunk, branches and leaves.  We learned of the important roles trees have in our lives and on planet earth – oxygen, fruits and wood.  Trees such as oak, maple, cedar and spruces are home for some animals.
We reviewed the definition and characteristics of living/non-living beings and also talked about invertebrate and vertebrates.
 Science and Language
Our children were introduced to the geometry cabinet and general shapes – circle, triangle, square and rectangle.  We also talked about curvilinear shapes such as oval. ellipse, quatrefoil and curvilinear triangle. 
Art and Music
Hokusai, the famous Japanese artist was introduced with a brief biography of his life and work.  Children created their own art inspired by Hokusai (Red Fuji Mountain)
We learned of Johann Sebastian Bach, the German composer and heard some his famous pieces.
February Virtue – Patience
Our circle time discussions included the virtue of patience and how we can incorporate patience everyday.  What does patience look like?  Some said it meant, ‘take things slow’, others said, ‘wait your turn’.  We talked about how we can be patient at home when our parents are busy, at school when we are waiting for our friends to finish using materials, and much more.
Books that we read:
What is vertebrate?
Living or non living
Born in Wild: baby mammals and their parents
An Oak Tree Grows
Life cycle of paper
One Zillion Valentines
Nilhan the monster (Chinese New year)
Chinese New year traditions
Sebastian Bach

Our Lil’s were busy as well!  There was an emphasis put on ‘kindness and caring’.  We had a fabulous Friendship Party where the children decorated cupcakes and participated in marble painting art. We also enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. We all sat together at circle on Pink Shirt Day to hear a story about the importance of being kind. The children were fascinated with the change in weather – snow!!  We explored how cold the snow was, made a snowmen, snow angels, discovered different footprints in the snow and slid down hills.