Here’s a recap of the ‘goings ons” at LPMS in March:

Children became more familiar with North America – learned of its landscape, fauna, flora and people. We talked about countries within North America – Canada, United States and Mexico.  We learned about these countries and their flags.

We explored “LEAVES” – great timing with the coming of spring.  We learned about parts, types, shapes (linear, heart-shaped, obovate), simple or compound of leaves.  Our children collected leaves and studied them – shape, size, feel.

Birds were our ‘hot zoology’ topic in March.  We learned the parts, life-cycle and names of various birds.  Our children read books on how birds make nests, specific foods based on the type and shape of a birds’ beak.

Language and Science:
Our children learned about quadrilateral families: trapezoid, rhombus, parallelogram, kite, rectangle and square.
They were shown land and water forms: lake (body of water surrounded by land) and Island (body of land surrounded by water)
We also learned about air, land and water transportation through books and objects in the classroom.

Art and Music:
Vincent Van Gogh was our artist of the month.  Van Gogh was an impressionist Dutch artist who loved bright colors especially yellow. He is well-known for his swirly and dab-a-dash brush. Children enjoyed his biography through books and art.  They were inspired by his starry night and twelve sunflowers in a vase and created their own rendition of Van Gough’s art.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was our featured musician.   We enjoyed listening to Mozart’s masterpieces – Symphony No. 40, Piano Sonata No. 11 and the Marriage of Figaro.

Nowrouz and Spring were celebrated on the 20th.  We gathered around the Haft-Seen table and learned about each item on table and its significance.  We also had an opportunity to taste some traditional Iranian cookies made of chickpeas and rice – they were delicious!

Our children baked beautiful and delicious cookies!